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Pamela Mason Wagner

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Private Violence: An Insider’s Perspective

Pamela Mason Wagner takes a look at 'why women stay' with filmmaker Cynthia Hill. “Why didn’t you leave?”. the most common question asked of domestic violence victims—is fueling the recent cultural conversation spurred by multiple NFL incidents, most notably, Ray Rice’s videotaped assault of his then fiancée Janay Palmer.
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At the Climate Change March

230 word news report from World Climate March.
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Oscars viewpoint: Short docs and death on screen

With the Academy Awards taking place on Sunday (March 2), Emmy-winning director Pamela Mason Wagner (pictured) reflects on the Best Doc Short category and the decisions by two nominated films to show death on screen. Is it appropriate to show death and dying on screen? The New York Times rarely publishes photos of dead bodies, and when they do, the decision is made with great care.
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A Bad Bet

[This story first aired on Jan. 25. It was updated on July 19] (CBS News) On any Saturday or Sunday during the season, you can wager almost all eyes in Columbia, S.C., are on football. And without too much trouble, you can wager on any game you want because there is a barely secret, thriving world of illegal sports betting here.
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Part Three: Charting a New Course

As the Movement achieved long-sought goals, a new generation of women were re-evaluating some of its most basic assumptions, especially the balance between work and family. By the 2000s, the movement was again under attack from conservatives seeking to rollback abortion and contraception laws, and by younger women fleeing the very word “feminism.”.
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Proof of Innocence (Vimeo)

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Can We Make It to Mars?

In its search for life beyond Earth, NASA employs a "sky crane" maneuver to land the Curiosity rover on Mars. He risked his life for the nation and became a world icon, but who was Neil Armstrong? Today's suits are notoriously bulky. MIT's Dava Newman is out to change that with a radical, and sleek, new design.

Dorothea Lange

This iconic photograph of a 32-year-old impoverished mother and her three children does not show a single detail of the destitute pea pickers’ camp where they lived. Still, it evokes the uncertainty and despair resulting from continual poverty. Featured in newspapers nationwide, this photo and others from the camp shocked America’s conscience and spurred the federal government to ship 20,000 pounds of food to California migrant workers.
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Casey Anthony: Beyond The Headlines

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Patrick (Vimeo)

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Prepping for Time Travel

Shooting dramatic recreations for the first time can be intimidating for historical doc-makers accustomed to shooting interviews and animated still images – or for the cinema verité director used to following the action as it unfolds and distilling the story in the edit room. But non-fiction filmmakers undertaking recreations need not reinvent the wheel.
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Filmmaker Interview - Pamela Mason Wagner and Thomas Wagner

AMERICAN MASTERS sat down with Finding Lucy director Pamela Mason Wagner and writer Thomas Wagner to get some of their thoughts on Lucy, and what is was like making a film about one of America’s best loved comediennes. Pamela Mason Wagner: A lot of people have asked us what drew us to Lucille Ball as a subject.


Pamela Mason Wagner

I tell true stories.
Often for broadcast or cable: CBS, PBS, Investigation Discovery, Lifetime.
Sometimes for magazines and newspapers:
Real Screen, The Independent.
I’m less of a reporter, more of a storyteller.
I specialize in stories about interesting people.
I know how to connect with them.
People like: journalist Bill Moyers, director George Lucas, writer David McClintick, congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton.
I’ve told stories about serial killers and saints, astronauts and artists, the wrongfully accused and the rightfully convicted.
I care about social justice, feminism and community gardening in equal amounts.
Contact me at or follow me at @pamelamasonwagn



  • Writing, directing, producing.